Being A Military Officer With The Colorado Army National Guard

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1) When I think about my professional goals I want to be in a position where I take pride in what I am doing. After earning my degree I would like to work with an agency in criminal law. I have always taken pride in being a Military Police Officer with the Colorado Army National Guard, therefore going to school in pursuit of a degree in Criminal Justice would lead me in great directions.To be successful and always focusing on ways to better myself and my family. My personal goals, being a wife and mother I strive to set good examples. My family is definitely one of my biggest motivations, dedication in providing for my family. Completing college and bettering myself is a huge motivation in itself. I have always been one to encourage others, set goals and complete them. Earning a degree in Criminal Justice would be a great accomplishment to me.

2) Obtaining a degree in Criminal Justice would greatly contribute to my long-term goals one by being able to say and show that I have a bachelors degree and to complete the first step to work with the FBI or CIA. I have always been fascinated by the Bureau and Agency having worked side-by-side with them through the military. Pursuing a career with them outside of the military would be my long term goal. As far as personal goals, I would work in a field that I would take a lot of pride in and be able to provide great support for my family.

3)A difficulty that I have ran into with prior education endeavors would be being in the…

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