Student Leader Self Analysis

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Being a leader has always come naturally to me. When I played basketball in high school I was named captain at an early age and continued throughout my career in that role. It has helped shape me into the leader that I am today. Being a captain in a sport can easily translate to life in college as a student leader. I was taught to bring our team together and work collectively to achieve one common goal, which was winning. I see myself using the same motivation and willingness to help my friends and residents to achieving what they are shooting for, whether that be a career in the workforce or learning more in higher education.
Not listening to everyone’s concerns and/or ideas can be problematic. When I am in a group, I am always looking for a way to improve things and voice my opinion with them. Speaking up is a great way to create change anywhere and I believe heavily in it. As a student leader I am entrusted with the belief that I will be facilitating group settings while adhering to all of the groups concerns or ideas. This may be the general thought about any type of leader but it is not always accomplished. Especially in large
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With anything in life, things will change and you have to be able to adapt and improve your previous way of leading. It is easy for us to see that society is making big changes recently. Educating myself and others on different aspects such as new social norms, is key to keeping that role model position. In the near future, I hope to be able to make changes and adhere to new and changing morals, norms, and ways of life. I plan to further gain leadership experience while being a Resident Assistant and use that experience in my career after college. There are always positions for those who want to be leaders in our world’s workforce. Noticing that need and getting early experience while studying at college has given me motivation and knowledge that will help in my future

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