My Personal Reflection: My Definition Of Leadership

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Throughout my life I have always strived to be a leader- whether it has been on the athletic field, in school, in clubs, in my community, or just at home. I have always had the will to lead, but lacked the traits to lead on a larger scale. I believe that this class can help get me over that hump to maximize my leadership potential. The first day we were asked to define leadership in this class and my personal definition was “a person who initiates activity and gets others involved in a way where they understand and are excited to work”. This definition describes me as an individual leader perfectly, but in this class I am looking to develop more leadership. I hope by the end of the class I can transform my definition of leadership to a more …show more content…
My main weaknesses include lack of creativity, shyness, and being too competitive. My lack of creativity is the most hindering of these; I struggle with coming up with ideas that are new, better, or more efficient. I believe the reason I dislike arts and creativity is because it is a process in which you have to try things out to see if they work, and I hate failure so I am afraid to try different things. I hope that this class can help me move outside my comfort zone and how to think outside the box. I think in the service project with will help with this a lot because our idea of having a homeless night is super creative and needs lots of creative thought for it to be a …show more content…
Although I am a very positive person who loves people, I struggle with trust. I have lived a life where I win at most things and I am an extremely hard worker, so I just do everything on my own to get the best possible outcome. That being said, I am in an environment now where I need to work as a team member. Through exercises I will be forced to trust and include people in this class so that we can rely on each other’s strengths to obtain the best possible outcome. Lastly, a huge weakness of mine is being too competitive and the fear of failure. In whatever I do I am there to win, and when I do not win I get sad, and nobody likes a sad Grant. In this class I am sure I will fall and stumble, so I hope I can learn to accept some failure. I am always told you can learn from your failures but am afraid to test it out. I need to improve on all my weaknesses that I have in life; even weaknesses I am unaware of. Through hands-on experiences and self-evaluation, I will be able to find these weaknesses and improve on

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