Being A Formal At The Bank Essay

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At the bank, our group would identify with being a formal, command group as we report to a manager and have similar work goals set by our organization There is a clear understanding of the norms for our workplace and we have all conformed to them for the best functioning of our group and organization. There is also an awareness of role identity and role expectations within the group. Typically, the behavior of the group is good and positively affects the organization on a daily basis. However, there are some issues that arise within our group that have a negative impact on behavior.
Social loafing is an issue that I run into in my work environment. In his audio presentation, Dr. Fischer points out that a group should be nine people or less in an ideal situation. In my group, there are five of us, so ideally there should be a significant amount of group cohesion. We have all been trained to perform tasks related to day-to-day functioning of our group and are all capable; however, there seems to be a constant struggle surrounding social loafing. It may seem that the daily tasks, like transactions, are an individual task and while they are, there is a lot of side work that we rely on each other to complete to benefit the group as a whole. Out of the five of us, three are top performers; we stay high in transaction count and customer satisfaction and while the other two are good workers, there is the tendency to fall behind or ignore responsibilities. If they are…

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