Essay on Being A Follower

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In my grade school, we had a designated class leader who was chosen because he or she was always willing to follow the rules of the teacher or the classroom. The class leader helped the teacher and represented the class in Student Council. The class leader enforced the teacher’s rules when the teacher was not in the room. If, for example, I did not follow the rules, the leader would tell the teacher and I would get into trouble. Being a leader was a difficult position. Sometimes he or she would lose friends. The leader might be teased when the teacher wasn’t listening, of course. Classmates often accused the leader of being a “Show off.” All these negatives often kept many students from wanting to be the leader. It was safer and easier to be a follower. However, being only a follower, as a teenager or an adult can be a serious problem. Today, we will examine the problems associated with the complacency of being a follower. Then we will look at why we seem to be creating more followers than leaders, and finally, we will point out how we can create more eager leaders.
To begin with, we carefully consider the problems of being led by others. According to Carol Dweck, in her book Mindset: New Psychology of Success, being a follower reduces brain activities and promotes passivity. Due to low brain activities, people have tendency to have fixed mindset.“Those with a fixed mindset assume intelligence, character, and creative potential are unchangeable attributes — that they…

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