Being A Dirty Girl - Original Writing

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After our mind blowing sex session, we got cleaned up and went out to eat. Since Shaun and I both wore wedding rings everyone assumed we were married to each other. That quickly became our new inside joke for one another. We ended our meal and went back to the hotel to get some much needed rest.

The next morning came and Shaun had to deal with some buisness affairs for a few hours, but before he left he invited me into the shower to help him get cleaned up. "Why? Am I a dirty girl?" I asked in a flirty voice. Shaun leaned into me, barley pressing his lips into mine and replied , "hmmm you are a very dirty girl." I sprung out of bed and followed him into the bathroom. Shaun dropped his towel and stepped into the shower, I was right behind him. Once I got into the tub Shaun grabbed the back of my neck and started running his tongue down my body, he would stop and run it up again. He did this over and over again . Feeling him trace my body like that sent a jolt of energy up my spin. If anyone knows how to revive a once lost soul , it was this man. Shaun then placed an ever so gentle kiss onto my lips . Feeling the warmth of his body pressed against mine, the pouring water from the shower dripping all over my body gave me such an incrediable high I never wanted to end. He spun me around and I place my palms onto the wall of the shower. Shaun reached around and slid the tips of his fingers from my lips slowly down my body as he kissed my neck. Placing his hand

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