Essay On Cosmetology As A Career

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Being a cosmetologist involves providing beauty services; Shampooing, coloring, styling, and cutting hair. I may also provide makeup; dress wigs, and provides nail/skin care services. Most of the duties that I would be doing are cutting hair, coloring, and styling. Cosmetologists are usually on their feet and are always moving. To become a cosmetologist, I must go to a cosmetology school, which I am going to; it is Mid-America Technology Center (Vo-tech). I get on the job training there and I basically visit the job setting every day, a salon they have one there at Vo-tech. I also shadow my teacher there because she teaches us how to do stuff and basically I watch the other cosmetologist work in the salon. It is really awesome to see …show more content…
The work hours are usually Ten a.m. to seven p.m. Monday through Saturday, it could be different because some salons are open on Sundays. There is not overtime in some salons from the information I got from Mrs. Johnson. Just like benefits, vacations depend on what the salon owner offers. This career is very flexible; I can get a job anywhere so if I wanted to move to Texas in a year or so I would still be able to find a job there. This career is very flexible so even if my spouse wanted to move somewhere I would still be able to find a cosmetology job. Yes, there are a lot of disadvantages in a cosmetology career there are physical issues, I will be using my hands nonstop in this career. Some cosmetologist has to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome. Which is a problem caused by repeated use of the hands, wrist, and arms. I also will be standing on my feet all day in this career but it is something that I will have to deal with to do what I love. Another disadvantage is the starting out pay because it is low but will rise with the more experience I will get. There are advantages to this career, though, it is not all disadvantages. The advantages are why I love this career, I will be making clients

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