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We are asked the question “What do you want to be when you grow up” many times over the course of our lives, but senior year is when you really have to sit back and think about the answer. I love being able to make someone feel good about themselves. I want to use my career as an opportunity to help people feel confident and beautiful. As an esthetician, I can put my love and passion for makeup and my desire to help people into one. This paper will explore the job description, requirements and salary expectation for an esthetician.
To begin with, the job description for an esthetician includes many components. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, estheticians evaluate client 's’ skin condition and appearance, remove unwanted hair,
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Estheticians typically work full time and many work evenings and weekends, long hours are common, especially for self-employed estheticians. An esthetician will typically work in salons or health and beauty spas, or if they have advanced training, medical offices. Lots of standing is very common. Because esthetician’s must evaluate their client’s skin, a work environment should typically have good lighting, clean surroundings, and because they often work with chemicals good ventilation and protective clothing is often necessary. Evergreen Beauty College describes how being an esthetician is a very rewarding job emotionally because you are making people feel and look good. Since everybody’s skin is different you will never be bored with a mundane job, every different client is kind of like a different challenge. There is a number of employment options to choose from; spas, salons, doctor offices, department stores, cruise ships, you could even become an entrepreneur and start your own business. You can also have a very flexible work schedule. Although, with all the pros are also cons. It is a very competitive field and sometimes it is hard to have to build your …show more content…
According to The Career Trove, the median hourly wage for an esthetician is $13.92 and the median annual wage is $29,940. The upper hourly wage is $27.37 and the upper annual wage is $56,930. The lower hourly wage is $8.40 and the lower annual wage is $17,480. According to Avalon School of Cosmetology, education is a factor that can affect an esthetician’s salary. Those that choose to continue their education after their base program will be able to provide more services and advanced techniques which can translate into more expensive services, more tip money, and a higher base salary. Another factor is location, larger and more densely populated cities typically bring in more money. An esthetician should try to find a job in a busy mall or shopping district. An important factor that influences salary is an esthetician’s client list; they earn a majority of their money from repeat clients. The more years you work, the larger your clientele will be. I now know that esthetician’s can generally pick their desired salary goal and work towards meeting it. As you can see, salary is an important consideration in any career

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