Behind The Law Of Prostitution Essay

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“Behind the law of Prostitution” Prostitution has been around for centuries, maybe not in America but all around the globe, especially in Europe and Asia. Some countries even make sure their prostitutes are certified and licensed. In America prostitution is frowned upon, not only that but it is also illegal in all states except for Nevada. In Nevada there are still some rules and regulations that must be followed, like what Deborah C. England stated “Nevada permits prostitution only in licensed brothels located in just eight counties in the state.” (Prostitution in Nevada: Laws and Penalties) What is consider illegal in

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Nevada that deals with prostitution is pandering. Pandering is an act of recruiting an individual or group to comply in prostitution. In other words, it is illegal to recruit sex-workers in Nevada because it is a form of sex trafficking or it can lead up to it. Some people can argue that the law against prostitution is there only to protect its people from sex trafficking or sex slavery but if that is the true case, why do society look at those who are prostitutes like they are the wrong doers? What if they are the victim of sex slavery, then you are victim blaming them. Using sex trafficking and sex slavery as a cover up of being biased toward escorts is a vapid act because it does not benefit anyone. We can question why prostitution is really illegal, perhaps it goes against a belief, culture, or religion? Referring back to the bible…

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