Becoming Comfortable With A Big City Essay

749 Words Sep 13th, 2016 3 Pages
Transitioning occurs in all stages of life whether it’s from a baby crawling to walking, or an elder moving from their home to a retirement facility. One transition in life that most of us face is the evolution from high school to a college or a university. With moving into a new phase of my life I was optimistic about the difficulties of becoming comfortable with the population, the diversity, and the college life in general that Wayne State provides. I made the leap to a big city called Detroit from a small city called my home. I live in a small urban city, downriver, called Wyandotte. It is twenty-four minutes Southeast of Detroit with a population of 35,000. Coming into Wayne State University where the population of the school alone is your whole city all together was a bit of overwhelming, but excitement. In my high school, each classroom had a capacity of only 36 students. Having little numbers in my classroom made it easier to bond with everyone and allow time for one-on-one interactions with teachers. On my first day of being a warrior, my first class was Biology where the class size was the number of my whole graduation class of my past secondary school. The comparison of numbers from high school to college will be a challenge, because as a person you have to be more independent and speak out when you need help or do not grasp a concept. Finding my voice, as a student, will be an inner challenge for me to deal with throughout the course of this semester.…

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