The Role Of Geographic Development, Environment, And Congration Of Change At Morgan State University

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1700 East Cold Spring Lane. This address resonates in the hearts of many people from alumni, students, and community residents. This address is home, work, play, culture and most importantly history. This is Morgan State University. Morgan State severs as a pillar of urban society in Baltimore. Morgan State University needs the kind of geography that preserves history yet enables growth. This environment will ensure a supportive atmosphere that promotes student success, enhances prestige Morgan’s status as a university, and contribution to community development. This essay will examine the role of geographic development, environment, and migration of change at Morgan State University.
Located in Baltimore Maryland, Morgan State is an ethnically diverse college campus offering
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Black cultural resources have been the most vulnerable due to a lack of control over the immediate environment. The recent development of new buildings and the migration of community directly effect the environment. We need an environment that promotes the legacy, and preservation of the built environment at HBCUs like Morgan. The tension between an institution 's architectural legacy and its vision for the futures are characterized as push – pull factors. In addition, we need to address specifically the competing roles of preservation, conservation, and new construction at Morgan. During the new geographic development little environmentally friendly initiatives have been implemented. Solar panels on the new buildings would have been a good to positively impact the environment. We need other ways to conserve energy at Morgan or than recycling. Another way to impact the current environment and migration concerns is a community garden. This garden could be used to serve the homeless or less fortunate as well as serve as mutual ground for community residents and students to fellowship and reconnect with on

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