Del Val Experience: My Journey To Becoming A Veterinarian

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My journey to Delaware Valley University has all lead up to my dream of becoming a veterinarian. When asked to create an action plan in Del Val experience about a professional goal I instantly knew what I would write about. My professional goal is to get accepted into the veterinary school of my choice. To accomplish this I will break my goal into three smaller steps. First I will focus on getting at least 400 hours of experience interning with a veterinarian by my senior year; this simplifies to getting 100 hours each year I attend Delaware Valley University. My second step is to have two good recommendations by junior year from veterinarians that I’ve worked with. Lastly, each year I would like to have earned at least a 3.7 GPA. To help complete the first two parts of my action plan I chose to intern with Doctor Leann Murphy of Smoketown Veterinarian Hospital. To fulfill the academic interview I interviewed Dr. Murphy as well. I chose to interview Dr. Murphy because she went to the same high school as I did, she graduated from the University of Pennsylvania which is the veterinary school I wish to attend, and also she is a small animal vet which is what I wish to practice. …show more content…
My interview with Dr. Murphy helped me create my action plan by telling me the things she did to get accepted into vet school. Dr. Murphy taught me during her interview that to get into vet school she studied a lot. I knew that I would have to study a lot but she taught more effective ways to study like by listening to the professors lectures before bed every night. The most important lesson that I learned from Dr. Murphy is that as important school is having a life is more important. She reminded me that I cannot put life on hold simply because Im at

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