Becoming An Intentional Teacher : Not Be Responsible For Lost Or Stolen Devices

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Becoming an Intentional Teacher

Here 's What Happened
Last summer I worked as an assistant director for a summer camp program. Before enrolling, the children and the parents have to sign waivers to protect the summer camp program from certain situations. One important form parents have to fill out would be that if their child were to bring devices into the center they would be fully responsible for the item that they brought in. The summer camp program would not be responsible for lost or stolen devices. I have worked at the summer camp for the third summer in a row and I was very aware of what the paper had stated clearly and I was aware that the parents had signed and dated the form.
One day a parent named Miss Miller came in in accused the center of taking away her child 's video game device. Her son had gone home and told the mom that his device was taken away and put in the office until the mother came in to get the item. The mother became very frustrated and started screaming at me in front of a room full of families and children during summer camp drop off hours. She was upset that her son had got his device taken away due to the amount of money she paid it. After notifying her that her sons device was not taken away she became very upset and left to go to work for the day. A few hours later she returned after her work day and asked us if we had found the device. I once again reassured her that the device was never taken away from her son and that he in fact lost the…

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