Personal Narrative: My Classroom Management Plan

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I believe that children are a gift from above and that we need to treat them like they are. This does not mean we let them do as they please but means that we need to education them and guide them to further improve their lives. Each and every child that God has put on this planet is unique and needs to be treat as such. There is no cookie cutter way to educate but here we take the time to get to know each child and then develop a way to educate. As we are learning I believe that we need to make it creative, fun and active this will inspires greatness.
Creating challenge so that a task goes a bit beyond what the children can already do. As an educator our main object is
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I want to first talk about what a classroom management plan is. According to our text classroom management is the set of procedures and systems that are put in place to create an environment that focuses on student learning. Simply put, classroom management involves teacher decisions and actions intended to create an environment conducive to learning (Newman 2013, pg. 4.1). When I first think of classroom management I image how a child would interact with the classroom and also how they will be able to interact with me and other students. If the student is not able to use the space to benefit there learning process than the space is …show more content…
The first step is to make sure that the classroom is designed for the student and for their learning success. Everything needs to accessible to the student. The classroom is their domain not the teachers. Everything from the lighting to the texture of the carpets needs to be evaluated to ensure that is conducive to their learning. Feel we need to treat preschoolers like the big kids they are and give them a space that is designed for them to be successful. My classroom designed for the student everything that they need access to for learning is out their level. Children need to be able to move around the class with ease. If they want to move through the art section of the class and is not able to access the supplies instead of creating a master piece they may get frustrated and act out. Each area has rules of the area in both written and visual instruction. For example in the art area paint brushes need to be washed out and in the block area when finish creating the blocks need to be cleared. I am fan of natural light as much as possible. Natural light has a positive effect of people’s mood. Sunshine makes you happen. Bring nature inside not only aid in education but in health. Other the different center we have in our classroom each child has their own personal space that allows them to be create their own unique learning space but also allow children to share in the learning process. I to

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