Becoming An Elementary Teacher That Inspires And Encourages My Students

768 Words Mar 29th, 2016 4 Pages
I want to become an elementary teacher that inspires and encourages my students; a teacher that makes my students want to become better versions of themselves. As a person, I hope I will lead a life surrounded by family and friends that is full of love, compassion, hard work, wisdom, and faith. Having a career as an early childhood educator is important to me because I have always loved helping children learn. I have had a passion for tutoring and mentoring young children for years, and want to turn this passion into my career. The key to being a successful educator is recognizing and employing traits of exceptional teachers, maintaining a diverse community for students, and identifying the primary goal every educator should have while teaching students.
There are many traits necessary to be an exceptional educator; the two that seem to lay the foundation for the rest are excellent verbal and written communication skills, and a sincere respect and sensitivity to others. Students cannot meet expectations and understand concepts that are not communicated well. Parents also need clear, timely communication to collaborate with the teacher to accomplish the common goal of educating their child. Exceptional communication is essential for forming relationships with parents and students. Another key to forming healthy relationships with parents and students is showing unwavering respect and concern for others. To make people feel loved and important, one must respect others…

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