Becoming An Elementary Teacher, A Person Needs For Obtaining A Bachelor 's Degree

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To become an Elementary Teacher, a person needs to obtain a bachelor’s degree. A bachelors’ degree is a total of four years of college. In the students 4 years of school, they will need to do student teaching. Student teaching is going to be in a classroom and learning under an instructor who already has their certificate in teaching. Elementary teachers on an average make $53,090 per year in 2012 (“Summary,” 2014). Teachers may not make as much as other careers, but they have other benefits. Some of these benefits are health benefits, summer vacation, and holidays off. They may also be able to pick up other side jobs to make extra money like driving bus, tutoring, or even coaching. Some schools will pay more than others, it just depends on their financial situation and maybe where they are located. An example is that in my hometown, I live by a reservation for which their teachers get paid more than the ones that worked at my school off the reservation. The reason is because that reservation receives government funding.

Elementary Teacher jobs are all over the world. Where ever there are kids, there will always be jobs. In 2012, there was 1,519,700 job opportunities for this field. Elementary Teacher jobs are suppose to go up by 12% in 2022. That means that this job is growing as fast as average. In 2012 to 2022, the jobs will increase by 188,400 (“Summary,” 2014).

For Elementary Teachers, technology is not used as much as what maybe a high school teacher would use. I say…

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