Becoming A Retail Manager Is A Big Achievement, And A Lot Of Responsibility

1797 Words Aug 30th, 2016 null Page
Becoming a retail manager is a big achievement, and a lot of responsibility. Retail management is something I want to do with my life. Being in charge of people, as well as interacting with customers, and making sure everyone is satisfied with their items that’s what I love to see and do. Being responsible of a facility, and running around is what I want to look into. Being on the go, and making sure the facility has an amazing staff is also something I want to do. My manager walks in to work every day. Always the first one there, but isn’t always the last one to stay. She starts her day off by making sure the whole facility is turned on, working, and making sure everything is running the way everything should be running. As the day goes by, she’ll be working on work schedules, doing paperwork, then every 45 minutes to an hour she’ll walk the whole facility making sure all employees are doing well, and guests are satisfied and having fun. She is also in charge of payroll, and when the facility should hire new employees. Also as part as her job, she assigns and promotes employees, when she feels they are ready to be promoted. Retail manager’s jobs’ are to take care of their employees, maintaining the facility they are running, and do payrolls for all the employees. Having the company and owners be satisfied, and proud of how the facility is running because of one retail manager is what I want to happen. In retail management, becoming a distribution manager, or a store…

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