Essay on Becoming A Physician 's Assistant

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I’ve tried to come up with alternative ways to explain why I want to become a physician’s assistant, but I just cannot find the words if it’s not the truth. This is a difficult essay for me to write because no one else knows this story besides my husband and to explain myself efficiently I need to start from the beginning. My mother only attended college for a short period until she met my father, got married and had two children. She never went back to school or found a career because my father always took care of her financially until 19 years later. Long story short, their marriage ended up not lasting for many reasons. My mom was under the impression that she would be taken care of for the rest of her life. After their divorce, 11 years later, I still get to hear how horrible of a person my dad is from her and vice versa from my dad. My mom is the type of person who has always pushed me to date guys who are well established and who she believes will make enough money to take care of me and a family even after everything she has experienced. To her dislike, I married a man who has no college degree and works for a pest control company, but I don’t care because I love him for him and not for how much money he makes. My mom would always tell me that I would make a good fashion model or a mother some day and that getting a degree is very hard and school just isn’t for everyone. Growing up in a household where no one cared if I did my homework, read a book, got good grades,…

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