Becoming A Medical Doctor Essay

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A medical doctor examine, performs tests, diagnoses, and treats medical conditions. They are also qualified to prescribe medicine, perform minor or major surgeries (depending on their specialty). Medical doctors must be licensed by the state in which they practice, and may also require some other certifications depending on their specialty. Contrary to popular belief, being a doctor is not simply curing disease. A medical doctor’s job is as much to prevent as it is to treat. Because of this, general practice doctors frequently perform routine physicals and other examinations on otherwise healthy patients in order to ensure that they are, in fact, healthy. This is what people refer to as a check-up. It is in physicals such as these that doctors may find things such as hyperlipidemia or cancerous/benign masses. Because of this, some may say that the prevention of such conditions is of paramount importance.
Becoming a medical doctor requires very high level education, to include a minimum of a baccalaureate and a medical degree (a doctorate in medicine). Many prospective doctors, myself included, chose to seek a master’s degree between their baccalaureate and their doctorate. There are many reasons to do this, such as making the student’s resume and application more favorable. Another reason to seek a master’s degree, such as my career path, is that the student’s baccalaureate will not suffice as a pre-medical degree (a type degree required for admission to medical school), so…

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