Becoming A Leader By Establishing A Charitable Organization At My University

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In my second year of medical school, I took up the opportunity to become a leader by establishing a charitable organization at my university. With the help of a few executive board members that I put together, I was able to start up a chapter on my campus of one of the world’s largest, student driven, nonprofit, medical missions’ organization known as Global Brigades. I thought of the idea, while I was pondering about joining a medical fraternity. The organization’s online ad had shown up on my computer and I thought I would join. As soon as I contacted the advisor, she suggested that I start a chapter on my campus. This was a big deal for several reasons. First, the way my medical school works is that I spend my first 2 years on an Island, in the Caribbean, known as Antigua and the last 2 years, I would spend in the states. Therefore, introducing the organization to my campus, at American University of Antigua meant that it was the first of its kind in all of the Caribbean’s campuses. Therefore, there was a potential foresight for this organization. When my University heard about this opportunity, they right away endorsed me to help me with the start up. Even Global Brigades had their interest in us, merely over the fact that we were a medical school and we would provide medical professionals for their medical missions. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I gave it a shot. After all, as Puccio, et al.(2012) stated, “We can take this stimulus and imagine what…

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