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This paper is focused on the case study of Black Canyon Coffee in 2003, a coffee company that started operating in 1993 in Bangkok. His Founder and managerial director Pravit C, wanted to enter the coffee market with a western style of coffee shop in Thailand one of the most important markets in Asia. The success of the company can be measured with the 78 outlets, 1000 staffs and with 15% to 20% average annual growth. Also BCC’S strategy has succeeded in Thailand, differentiation its business from competitors, offering a wide range of products and facilities to coffee lover. The company during 1993 and 2003 has developed its strategy based on the internal and internal analysis so the following paragraphs will
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Using PESTEL analysis For BCC’s business clearly shows that the economy factor directly concerns its business due to the instability that suffers the Thai market and the crisis that took place in 1997, BCC has been benefited due to the fact that the rent has been reduced and the company could afford to get good location with a good price, also as it is noted by Pravit the company did not borrow any foreign money that result positive for its operation, that has a core business a commodity product. In addition R&D plays an important in the coffee industry due to me amount of competitors and the High treat of new entries, also the there are many competitors in the industry such as Starbucks, Gloria jeans and Au Bon Pain. The strategy of the company has allowed the business to overcome its competitors by differentiation; BCC has blended western and culture with an American ambiance and offering beside coffee more than 100 different types of food, to the point that even Thai people considered BCC an American food chain.

Black Canyon coffee is aware how the external environment is closely concerned with its business. Therefore, the SWOT analysis highlighted the strengths of the company and also states the weaknesses of its internal environment in order to overcome the challenges of the industry. The company smartly promoted its brand based on the admiration of American series in Thailand, meaning that the cowboy logo of BCC is targeted to

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