Essay about Basic Concepts Of Information Management

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Basic Concepts of Information Management
This report contains information based on assessments I had done this year in Yr 11DTG, including the Digital Footprints assessment, the 91072 AS where I had two brochures to compare, one was professionally designed and the other being designed by me (which was the User Guide to ICT, which was made during the 91703AS). Reoccurring themes in all of these projects include file management, software usage and ethical considerations.
Operating Systems
An operating system (commonly abbreviated to OS) is software that manages the hardware within the computer. It allows us to open software and execute it. Hardware that is managed includes but not limited to; a mouse, keyboard and a display screen. The OS also manages processes that are run by the computer.
The Operating System that I use in school and at home is Windows 7.Other versions of Operating systems I have used includes Android; a mobile OS, for phones/tablets. Differences in these OS include Windows 7 primarily used in computers, while Android is primarily used in mobiles. Windows 7 is able to print files, multi task and “Snap” windows on to the sides of the screen. Android has features such as; using a touch screen, screen lock, alarm, calculator, a camera and an image gallery and off course I can make phone calls. Both OS have features such as adjustable settings, access to internet, saving data and a GUI.

Features of an Operating System:
• Allows printing of files.
• Able to…

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