A Narrative Essay On One Day Addien

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One day addien just woke up in his modern house the wall was like a white blanket it was a new house.Addien plays baseball and he is a sporty guy he had black hair and black eyes and he loved to wear jeans fridley and cokey. Then his mom said come down for breakfast when he came down his dad said he had a baseball game after school and he would have to leave eley. When he got to school he met his friends Sam , pat ,greg , anden , ethan , cater , conner, jackson, bob and luke they were on his baseball team. After school he went to the field and then coach nick said if he win this game we go to the finals. Addien said do not worry I will win it for us nick said do not get too cocky.Then they all got on the field and and started playing. It was …show more content…
then they went to the game and when he went to put his cleats on they were not there he told the coach so all of waramd they were looking for his clets than likely the coach had a pair which was a half size too big so he just wore those. They ended up winning 5 to 2. And addien was so happy he ripped his staps. so they went back to the hotel and party then they went to sleep. Then they woke up and went to the game next morning. When they got to the game mom went to get sets while the team was getting ready. Then addien went to put on his helmet but when he put it on the scro that helped the chin strap was gone and everyone was looking for a scro to put on addien helmet put then the coach nick got one from the other coach but only for this game. Addien new that he had to make sure he did not lose this one. And he did not they ended up winning 2 to 1. Then they went back to the hotel.

Then when they got back to the hotel addien was looking for place that were open before the game were he could get a chin strap scro the only place he found was walmart so his dad said that he would buy a baseball helmet and rip the scro off and put it on addien’s helmet. Then they went to

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