Comparison Of Jack And Mark In Football

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Jack and Mark are starting their high school careers and they want to play football together. Jack is tall and he also has gigantic hands. Jack does not like talking to people he does not know. Mark is also tall but he is built bigger than Jack. Jack goes to church but Mark does not go. Jack and mark are both fourteen. Jack wants to play football and Mark also wants to play football. Jack and Mark both tried out to be a quarterback. Mark did not like that Jack was going to play at the same position because Mark knew Jack was better than him at playing quarterback. After Mark and Jack try out the coach lets Jack be the starting quarterback while Mark sits on the bench. Mark is not happy that Jack gets to play and he wants to be the starter. …show more content…
That Friday They have a game Mark shows up and still throws the football with Jack and sits on the bench. Going into the fourth quarter they were winning by thirty and Mark finally gets to play and he finishes with a touchdown and 160 yards throwing. Going into practice Mark feels like he should be the starter and he talks to coach about playing quarterback in the next game. The next Friday they have another game and this time they are losing by 37 and Mark gets put in the game just to play and he does not finish with a touchdown but he still gets over 100 yards passing. When coach sees what both quarterbacks are able to do. He meets with them right before the game the next Friday and tells Mark that Jack will be the starting quarterback and Mark will be playing at the tight end position. When Jack hears the news he gets happy and thanks God for answering his prayer. Mark is fine about the whole situation because he is the best tight end on the team. When they both meet up after the game on Friday they agree to be friends and won’t let another football related argument ruin their friendship. For the next few practices Mark and Jack have been throwing to each other and they become one of the best quarterback and tight end duos in high

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