Barilla Ad Analysis Essay

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Barilla, “The Choice of Italy,” is also the choice of families throughout America. The Barilla magazine advertisement features a young father and daughter sitting in a living room enjoying a bowl of Barilla’s Angel Hair pasta. The ad illustrates simpleness and individuality wrapping it in with the idea of family, which exorbitantly plays upon the emotions of the reader. Creating the simpleness, the ad’s setting is in the living room of a home. Calm and neutral colors fill the atmosphere of the room. The overall setting delivers the reader with a cozy, homey feeling. In the background, you see a little girl’s pink stuffed animal throw onto the floor, adding to the overall feeling of a homey setting. The company chose to create this kind …show more content…
The reader can presume that the young daughter in the picture is named Lucy. The recipe describes how to make the pasta pictured in the ad including the key ingredients: one young dad, young daughter, and a relaxed dress code. With the recipe being named “Lucy Style," the company comprises the idea that it can be created to fit uniquely to one’s self. Each and every person can add their individuality and their own hint of uniqueness to a Barilla recipe. Furthermore, the focal point that catches the viewer's eye is the little girl sitting in her father’s lap. The girl’s face reads anticipation and excitement for her first bite of “Lucy Style” angel hair pasta while her father is looking down at her with love. Though, he is most likely thinking about the mess that is soon to unravel; henceforth, the relaxed dress code. The ad depicts the unbreakable, special bond between a father and his daughter, which fundamentally creates the idea of a family. Family is the most important idea that ad encompasses. Ultimately, through the environment and smaller aspects, the ad reflects the ideas of uniqueness and simpleness. It derives solely on the idea of family, which is again what the reader’s eyes will focus in on when they first glance at the ad. Moreover, the idea of family will play upon the heartstrings of the average American

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