Star Wars Advertisement Analysis

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This advertisement for Star Wars products is made with the intention of targeting a young male audience. I believe that this advertisement exudes stereotypes because upon first glance, it has dark and intimidating colors covering the entire page. Often times, advertisements geared towards boys have “masculine” colors covering them such as red or black that portrays the idea of power. Also, the only person in the advertisement is a young boy, so young boys who look at the advertisement are going to be able to relate to the little boy and see how much fun he is having playing with all of his Star Wars gear, so they believe that they would have fun playing with it too. The little boy is also holding a light saber which are tools used to violence …show more content…
However, the advertisement can easily be remade to make sure that it does not promote any stereotypes. Instead of having all boys in the advertisements interacting with the toys, they could have both boys and girls from all different races. The prominent colors and themes of the advertisement can be neutral so as not to favor one gender or race over another. The advertisement can have a lot of bright colors so that it is aesthetically pleasing and draws the attention of audience members of all genders, races, and ages. I expect changing this advertisement so that it does not promote any stereotypes to increase the sales of the construction products. Since the advertisement would no longer be limiting itself to just one small population of young boys, it would open up the market so that more people would buy the products from other demographics as well. More girls would be more willing to buy the product because they will not feel as if they should not be playing with something that is “meant for a boy to play with”. Some boys may be a little cautious when they see that a toy they like girls also like, but I believe that is a value society has instilled in everyone including children. That if a certain gender really likes one toy, the other one should not. However, I believe that if the promotion of stereotypes was completely eliminated from not only advertisements children are exposed to but also advertisements in general, this problem will go

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