Banking Performance Analysis Essay

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1.1. Background of the Study:

Internship program is a pre-requisite for acquiring BBA degree. Before completion of the
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Through this internship I have got a chance to work in a financial institution like Uttara bank Ltd. While working in a country’s one of the largest and oldest private-sector commercial bank, with years of experience, I realized how could be a foreign exchange division so important for a bank and why banks always try to give more emphasize on proper management of its foreign exchange divisions. We all know that Bangladesh’s economy basically depends on its Agriculture, exporting Readymade Garments and foreign remittance. Every year also it has to import products ranging from capital machineries to daily life commodities to meet up her growing demand. Today in open market world business firms are no more constrained in to their domestic market. They are also letting them engage with their foreign counterparts through export and import. With the help of state of the art technology like internet, hi-speed transportation system doing millions of dollar transactions are no more science fiction has become daily life chores in business world of Bangladesh. And financial institutions mostly banks play very vital role in these sectors of export and import. Banks help business firms to import goods from foreign countries and in exporting goods to other countries through its foreign exchange wing and expertise. All this foreign deals are being done

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