Bank Of America Training Needs Analysis

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Bank of America
The customer service department of Bank of America has one of the lowest ratings in banking customer service and has for several years. The main complaints are with the customer phone service, but many customers also complain of unnecessary account fees. As an I/O consultant for the Bank of America, I will do a needs assessment to determine if training can resolve the customer service issues. The purpose of a training needs analysis (TNA) is to evaluate the organization’s training needs. The TNA is the first step in any training and development intervention. According to Narasimhan, & Ramanarayanan (2014):
Every banker understands the importance of training programs. Training contributes quite a huge part to the growth of
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Bank of America is a multinational bank and headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is the second largest bank company in the United States. The reason I was consulted is that Bank of America has somewhat improved its customer satisfaction ratings in 2016, but still lags behind the other large banks. Bank of America’s customer service ratings improved in many states, but the bank’s rankings in some parts of the U.S remained unchanged. The rankings in Texas went down, and Bank of America was in last place compared with the other big banks. Therefore, Texas is the choice of location for training and fifty call center employees will participate in the customer service training program. The training sponsor is Richard Holt, the Dallas president of Bank of America.
I mock interviewed a manager from a Bank of America call center in Dallas, Texas. The following questions came from our text (Noe, 2016), and I have included the manager’s answers:
1.) What types of situations call for coaching on your part? The manager replied; When employees need to improve their customer service skills or develop new connections to accomplish their goals and when employees get too many complaints from
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The content should contain the skills, knowledge and abilities needed for the customer service employees to successfully perform their jobs while aligning with the strategic objectives of the bank. Once the training sessions are over, managers will conduct supervisor consultations with each trainee to discuss action plans and performance progress. The purpose of the consultations is to offer encouragement and support to the trainees, but also to assist managers in observing and rating performances in order to give feedback to the HR staff and the training director on the success of the program (Martin,

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