Case Study: Mrs. Sofia Martinez

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Reason for Referral: Mrs. Sofia Martinez was referred for a psychological evaluation to assess the relationship between Mrs. Martinez and her spouse Lorena, The purpose of this report is to evaluate the impact of a familial separation on Mrs. Martinez. Background Information and History of the Incident:

Sofia Martinez was born on September 26, 1966 in Guadalajara, Mexico. She migrated to the United States in 1986 in search of employment opportunities. At the time Mrs. Martinez’ goal was to improve the quality of life of her elderly parents who remained in Mexico. The client described growing up in a small village in which poverty and lack of employment prevailed. Since migrating, Mrs. Martinez has maintained stable employment and acquired
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The client described that when her health began to deteriorate Lorena was her primary caregiver and selflessly cared for her. The client reported that she was bedridden for weeks, so Lorena meticulously cared for her this included cooking meals and dressing. It was then that Mrs. Martinez “knew” that she found her ideal partner and hoped that someday they would be able to legally marry. Mrs. Martinez reported that she never had anyone care for her or support her as Lorena has supported and cared for her in these past 10 years. She also described that Lorena is a selfless person who is attentive and tries to make sure that Mrs. Martinez is well cared for. The couple celebrated their civil marriage ceremony on January 31, 2014, at the San Diego County Clerk’ office in downtown San …show more content…
Mrs. Martinez described that Rolando’s transition has been facilitated by his mother’s constant care and Isaias Martinez’ presence in their family home. Isaias Martinez was born on June 11, 2008, and is a former foster child who was under Sofia Martinez’ sister’ care. The client described that she has known Isaias since he was 11 months old. Isaias was previously under her Mrs. Martinez’ sister’ care, while his biological mother Leticia Rodriguez battled with substance addiction. Ms. Ramirez has struggled to maintain sobrerity for most of Isaia’s childhood, so in June 2015, Leticia Rodriguez left Isaias at the Martinez’ home and has not returned. The client described that she has not seen or heard of Ms. Ramirez whereabouts. She described that she fears Mrs. Rodriguez will return to her home under the influence to take her child. Mrs. Martinez descrbied that Lorena Chavarin-Martinez has been the primary care provider for Isaias and treats him as if he was her own child. Both women have financially and emotionally supported Isaias during this difficult time. Child Protective Services has been notified of the current situation. Mrs. Martinez fears that Isaias Martinez will be lost in the foster care system. And, believes that she and Lorena can provide the loving and stable home that Isaias yearns

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