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Register to read the introduction… More specifically there are no limits when it come to training new prospects form the company. One of Olivia’s gladiators, Huck, is an ex assassin of B613. In an episode of scandal Huck explains and gives us an in depth concept of exactly what it is you go through in B613. He starts to explain that being in B613 is not something you sign up for or join because you simple want to serve your country. Mr. Pope scopes you out and decides his self that you are going to play your role with no objections. He does not only train you on defense but also makes sure you are exceptional in offence. Failure is not an option in Mr. Popes eyes. If you disobey an order, mess up on a mission, or let your target go, you will be beat and throw in the hole. You will stay in the whole until Mr. Pope wants to let you out, or is ready to kill you. One episode reveled just how powerful Mr. pope is. With a life of running B613 having a wife is not really a wise idea, yet Mr. Pope not only has a wife but also a daughter. The president was in the navy at the time and was ordered to shoot down the plane hat Mrs. Pope was on. There is no limit to his reign or power. Huck describes Mr. Pope as a heartless man who destroyed his life and for that B613 is an example of …show more content…
The main character Olivia has her hands full on the show trying to maintain her personal life and her job. Figuring out her dad is the leader of the society B613 is hard also being in love with a married man but on top of it all, the married man she is in love with is the president of the united states. The political drama scandal has plenty of representations of different forms of government and political terms. The balance between drama and government in the show is two to one. Tyranny, Utilitarianism, Elitism, and capitalism are settle in the show, however they are still present and can be interpreted with a deep canalization of the show.

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