B2B Business and Management Essay

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Interview with Joel Lau – Banquet Manager for Sheraton Towers Hotel

Organizational buying behavior

1. What classification is your organization and what do you provide for the customers?

Sheraton Towers Hotel is classified into the user organization and wholesaler which is included in Commercial customer as we purchase the goods, materials and service to support our production process. We widely offer the customers both the products i.e. food and beverage, gift shop and the luxury experiences i.e. Guest services, business services and entertainment service.

2. How do think about the role of dinning in Sheraton Towers and how many restaurants does it have for dinning services?

Of course it takes one of the very
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6. Which communication channels do you use to search and evaluate suppliers?

Sheraton Towers Hotel is one of the most famous five-star hotels, and therefore there are plenty of suppliers available for the company and we have the list for most of the best suppliers for respective materials, good and service. We rarely looking for the new suppliers unless the organization introduces new products or services and our partners request us to change suppliers.

7. What are the external and internal influences that affect the buying decision and the structure of the buying groups?

As for external influences, clients play an essential role in affecting our buying decision. For example, our customer might request something that our suppliers do not provide such as they would like to have specific decoration, hire some particular organizers to organize the event, bring their own food and drink and make last minute changes. In this case, the suppliers might not be able to follow the changes and we have to search for new suppliers within very short time limitation. Another external influence affecting our buying decision is economic condition. For example, some clients will cut cost and cannot hold as many events as last year. As a result, we would have to reconsider our order size.

As for internal influences, the purchasing systems and

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