College Admissions Essay: The Day That Changed My Life

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It was a blistery day when I was born on January 28th 1997. I was supposed to be born a month later, but that was not the case, as my mother Jill had to undergo a c section to have me. I was born a whopping 5 pounds, and had to immediately be transported via helicopter from the St. Peter hospital to the children’s hospital in the cities. My parents always joke that I was costing them money right out of birth. I had some lung function issues but I eventually made it out and back home. The doctors told my parents that I may have some learning difficulties, because I was a premature child. However, that’s something we like to joke about today, as I ended up graduating near the top of my class in high school. I grew up in the same small house …show more content…
Looking back on my 8th grade English journal my goal was to graduate high school with a B average. I guess I forgot to take into consideration how crazy competitive I was when I wrote that. When I reached ninth grade, I struggled badly academically. My First semester I ended up with a low GPA, for what I was used to having. Fortunately, the next year I figured I out, for the next four semesters I had straight A’s. In ninth grade I was persuaded into going out for football. I was down to 200 pounds as my pill was helping me maintain my disease. I enjoyed football, and was fairly successful, but baseball was my main passion. However I struggled my spring season being on JV. That summer however I caught fire, and turned into a dominant pitcher. I played so well I dropped football, and joined a Mankato state fall league, where I continued lighting up the radar gun. They would save me until the end of games, so that they college coach would be there to watch me pitch against the other team. I also joined speech my ninth and tenth grade years which I was very successful at, missing state by one place my freshman year, and two places my sophomore year but I never really had a passion for it, and quit after that year. Sophomore year was one of my more fun years of school, I started hanging around my baseball teammates more. I hung out a lot with one of my best friends Mason a lot. We were both very serious about baseball, and trained together. Every day after school until it snowed we would play baseball after school. In fact sophomore year I broke my nose a second time playing ball with him. I remember that phone call to my mother, which she hung up on me laughing not believing me when I told her I broke it again. That spring I injured my arm, and I look back on that as the unfortunate decline of my pitching. I came back from that injury to

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