Personal Narrative: My Asthma As A Child

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I was born on October 14, 1996 at John Peter Smith hospital In Fort Worth, Texas. From what I 've been told, the pregnancy was uneventful. However, the labor was horrific. My mother, was set on having a natural birth. After 33 hours in labor, and many previous refusals for C-Section she finally relented. The doctors had explained that I, she, or both of us could die and that natural birth was no longer an option. I was born just barely six pounds of screaming baby, difficult even from the start. But despite my notoriously fussy behavior and being slightly small, I was relatively developmentally normal. The one exception I can really think of is my serious asthma which I was hospitalized for many times as a child.
As a baby I displayed clear signs of Resistant Attachment to my mother. I have heard the many stories of my infancy and
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Meaning that my mother now had a babysitter to leave me with that wouldn 't cause me to spend my days in tears. I suppose in a way that this was my daycare, and instead of other children to play with I had dogs. My grandmother did, and still does, own a Dog Grooming Shop. As a toddler I would spend my days petting dogs, eating lunchables, and of course brushing Charboney. Charboney would take her brushing but she would also steal the food right out of my hands and trot off faster than I could walk.
I possessed many imaginary friends, and would often spend much of my time talking to myself. I would even blame things I was in trouble for on my imaginary friends. At 1 to 2 years of age I would play hide and seek with my mother. This was also the time that my mother sold our house in Stevensville and we moved into the Arlington house that my grandmother owned. I remember when my mother had an above ground pool built with a gated deck around it. That was when I learned to swim and after that I would spend most of my days doing just

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