My Educational Autobiography

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My Autobiographical Essay
I Attend elementary school at George Washington Carver. My post-secondary School was Cloverdale and May -Vack was the school I took a Trade All three (3) schools is in Montgomery Alabama. My current level of education is I have an Associate in Early Childcare and 2 college semesters in Culinary Art. The special educational experiences that I have had in terms of special schools, programs, or studies is that I have 45 contact clock hours at Child Care Solution in Fayetteville, NC and in Raeford NC. Education contributed to my development as a professional educator because It allows me to become knowledge in how to care for students and what it takes to assistance in education them. I have learned that children learn
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My role and responsibilities were to help improve the growth of the children mind through the way of activities, academic and social growth, and the new wave (technology). To help children to build their confidence and to learn through play. These experiences contributed to my development as a professional educator because it allows me to teach/educate through different techniques such as facilitator which It each by students has hands on and or developer which I teach in small groups. The things that I have learned is keeping up with today 's technology is very important, /because time is changing at a rapid paste and as educators, you have to keep up with the changes and teach / educate according this will help because I will be up to standards in teaching. he attributes are important because it helps to strengthen a child mind and help his/her horizon (to take them to the next level /phase of …show more content…
These activities contributed to my development as a professional educator not only was the children looking forward, to coming to the classroom but they seem like they can tell the time because most of them would go into the circle area and wait upon me. I have learned in education it is helpful to finding the right avenue that works, to get and keep the children/students attention so that the message /the lesson can be obtained. This will help me in the future by seeking and finding what works in the classroom to keep the student attention, by making learning fun. These attributes are important because helping students to learn is my goal, these little ones/children /students are our future. My reasons for Choosing Education as a Career to help these little minds of the next generation development so that they can become successful. I first consider education as a career in 2004 when my husband was in a car accident and I wasn’t going to allow anyone to put him in a home to teach him how to walk all over again, so I went and got the credential that I needed and Brenda Daycare was open. I decide to become a teacher because I feel that I could make a difference in children lives. I have also started a

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