My Educational Biography

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I remember as a child sitting down at the kitchen table, with my father by my side, making up math problems, for practice. I dreaded those times, I wasn’t the best in math, and my grade reflected that. With the help of my father, I was able to improve my grade slightly but not much. There was only a certain amount of math that he understood, so he wouldn’t be able to help me much longer. Once I entered the eighth grade I had a remarkable math teacher, which loved her job as her students. Her name was Mrs. Crawford, and she cared so much about my education and the rest of the students’ education. She unfortunately died, my freshman year of high school, but I still remember her to this day. As my high school career progressed, I was lucky enough to have wonderful teachers be my math teachers and help me and not give up on me. Now that I am in college, I strive to learn more and be successful in this subject that I suffered so much. Hopefully now that I remain in college I will seek help when required from tutors, which will help me follow my dreams.
The fact that I was shy, and still am didn’t help me much when it came to asking questions. Furthermore, whenever the teacher gave the lesson, she would just
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Crawford died, I made a promise to myself that I would always ask questions whenever I had doubts or didn’t understand something. To this day I still loathe the subject math, but I am getting better at asking questions and I know where I can receive help if I ever need assistance. With the experience I had with my past teachers, which didn’t help me much at all, I hope to someday be able to help people that are in the need of help. I hope to pursue the career in physical therapy and help patients rehabilitate and learn how to do their exercises in the correct manner and form. Just like Mrs. Crawford helped me learn the correct way on how to do math problems. I will never give up on any of my goals, no matter what obstacles that get in my

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