Aussie Beverage Company : Analysis Essay

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Aussie Beverage Company
The Aussie Beverage Company is among the most popular beverage manufacturing companies found in Adelaide. The privately owned company produces premium quality products and distributes its products to different retail and wholesalers. Recently, Aussie Beverage Company has attempted to lure major supermarket retailers such as Coles, Woolworths, Foodland, and IGA to include cola beverages in their stocks. Aussie Beverage Company intends to sell its products at a relatively lower cost compared to the exuberant prices offered by competitors such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Evidently, the international brands dominate the market because of their ability to deliver beverage products directly to the retailer stores across different countries.
However, Aussie Beverage Company delivers its products to strategic retailer distributor centers allowing the retailer to direct the products to specific shelves in retail outlets. Aussie Beverage Company intends to work with the supermarket retailers, suppliers and customers as they aim at customizing the product specification, packaging and labeling procedures, increase the scope of products offered and Aussie offers substantially lower prices to the retailers and develop marketing and merchandising strategy for the retailer for the private-label beverage. To do this, Aussie Beverage Company needs to evaluate the supplier and customer relationship issues that will help in the management and measurement of…

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