Attending College Essay

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Firsthand college freshman, recent high school graduates, still have the mind set of being in high school. It is their initiation of becoming adults and having to constantly have mixed feelings about their new journey. College is hard to sometimes hard for some people, since students have been accustomed to high school for four years. It is students’ first experience and can be intimidating for some scholars. It is not like school, where everything is handed to you as to where college is more about individual work. The straightforwardness of just 6 classes every day does not compare to college. In order to succeed in college, a student has to adapt to a new culture to where he or she can be successful. A student has to understand that college is not like high school for the reason that in college, we open up as individuals and mature so that we get good grades. Attending college allows one to experience new cultural experiences such as demonstrating independency with responsibility, having respectable time …show more content…
If people take care of their assignments before it is too late, it takes off a great amount of stress. Having great time management allows for a student to finish all their work in time and will not procrastinate when it comes time to turn in an assignment. If people have jobs, it makes even more challenging to work and go to school at the same time. People have to make plans in order to have more of a set schedule. Having time management is unquestionably a positive influence one can apply throughout their life, whether being in school or every day in life. Not only is it a characteristic a person can acquire, it does not take much talent to have decent time management. If you hold the advantage of having magnificent time management, it allows for you have an impressive cultural influence that is key to

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