Time Management Weaknesses

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Secondly, effective time management can help students to improve the quality of life and prevent them from missing deadlines. Good time management skills can reduce the stress of students because they are not pressured into doing assignments as they are able to manage their workload. The strengths of having good time management can help students to produce a good piece of work in less time as they know how to use their time effectively. Students can improve their reputation by having good time management because it shows that they are reliable. In relation to work, the Prolific living 2010 stated that having a good punctuality can make good impressions to the managers and co-workers. Students will gain respect and can prove that they are …show more content…
If students are unorganised and cannot manage their time efficiently, this will cause them to miss deadlines. The weakness of having poor management can lead to inefficient work flow. Students normally plan ahead, but stick to their daily plan which is less efficient because students should set a plan in completing similar tasks first at the same time instead of jumping from one task to another to meet deadlines. If students do not how to organise their work and set their priorities, this can lead them to miss deadlines. Students who are always late and disorganised can lead in missing out important information that can be used in doing assignments. This can add stress to them because they may not know what to do and they may have to use their own time in doing research. Also, Poor management skills can produce poor quality work because students are completing their assignments at the last minute. They are likely to make more mistakes because they are in a rush in completing their work and they may not have enough time to proofread their work which can cause them in getting a lower …show more content…
For example, If students wants to know about the new laws of 2016, the textbook may not provide the information that they need because textbooks are outdated. Textbooks also provides inauthentic language which makes it hard for students to understand which can lead them on getting the wrong information. Textbooks does not also take students attributes and interest, therefore this will require adaption in learning the information. Besides, using internet can also impact the learning of students. Internet may not be beneficial because it reduces the thinking capacity of individuals. Students tend to find all the answers of their assignments through internet which reduces their thinking capacity because all the answers are listed in the internet. This makes students lazy because they rely to much on the internet which is not good as not all the information written in the internet are correct. Internet can also affect students because it can be an addiction. Ferris 2015 stated that internet addiction is a psychological disorder which causes students to get lower grades because they spend too much time on the

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