Athletic Facilities And Coaches Salaries Essay

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A third area that funding is being directed to is athletic facilities and coaches’ salaries. Money is often spent on new practice facilities and locker rooms so that colleges can increase recruiting efforts. When colleges are able to acquire good players for their athletic teams they can increase revenue generated at the games. The problem is that the revenue generated doesn’t go back into the university’s system to fund education. The money instead goes to coaches’ salaries and bonuses along with new team facilities. For many high-profile sports like football and basketball, coaches’ salaries rival those of professionals. For example, currently the highest paid public employee is Michigan’s football coach Jim Harbaugh and his salary and bonuses currently total 9.004 million dollars (Berkowitz). While students are allowed into the games for free, usually there is an activity fee associated with tuition. This fee raises overall tuition to students even if they never set foot inside an athletic building. Because colleges spend money on many items, such as dorms, wellness centers, and coaches’ salaries that are not needed but, make university look better, I believe that they should charge tuition to only what the student uses and events attended, or find other avenues to fund these projects.
Besides increasing funding and useless spending, states and universities would have the ability to cut expenditures at the university that already exist. Cutting expenditures should be…

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