Assignment 1: Job Description Help In Recruitment And Development Of A People Environment

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1. Job Description helps in Recruitment and selection process

 Job description is the main role of hiring someone or employee in a company for a particular job. This is key portion of Human Resource system. With the help of job description an applying employee for the job gets his/her duties or job. Like for what place, work and for what responsibilities the company is going to hire the employee. It includes the responsibilities, working surroundings, purpose, sense of duty etc. in this needs are fulfilled that a company want from the employee. For example in my restaurant if I need a checkout operator so, first of all I will list out the responsibilities, minimum qualification required, salary, duties
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Recruitment and Selection Process
For the HR management it is an important role of selecting and recruiting process. Human Resource management’s work is to hire or recruit right people at right place at right time.

Recruitment: - It is the process of inviting or attracting the right people for the available position in an organisation does not matter from inside or outside of the organisation.

Selection: - It refers to the choosing perfect applicant or candidate with the help of recruitment procedure.

There are two ways of recruitment which are internal and external process.
Internal process: - it refers to hiring people or employee from the internal sources such as a company hire employee through email from the other company or organisation it is an easy process that saves money and time as well of human resource management.
External process: - it refer to recruiting skilled or experience people with the help of references. There are so many other external resources such as advertisement on TV, Newspaper, Radio, Magazines and on Internet or websites.

External management to hire employee used by Foodstuff has numerous phases as followed: -
I. First of all they advertise vacancies on their website and some other media, such as trade
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Candidates that are selected from the screening of assessment centre they again invited for another interview which is a good thing. With this an organisation gets best person for the vacant place.
VI. And at last the candidates who clear all the selection process foodstuff send them offer letter and contract.

4. Different ways of recruiting candidates of Foodstuff
Nowadays there are so many different ways of recruiting candidates used by organisations. Similarly foodstuff also use different ways to recruit employees.
Some are internal and some external sources with some strengths and weakness.

a) Internal Process: - It is the cheaper and time saving then external recruitments. It is the small recruitment and selection process. In this process Human Resource management select someone for the vacant place from inside organisation who knows better about the organisation values and culture.
b) External Process: - It the process of filling the vacant place from any appropriate candidates outside the business or organisation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of these two processes
a) Advantages of Internal process
I. It is the money and time saving or faster recruitment process.
II. It creates motivation to get promoted and other also do well in

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