Vegan Diet Research Paper

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Veganism: The Diet Deathtrap
Veganism is becoming the popular way to diet, but is it healthy to do so? The Vegetarian Times Editors have said that about 7.3 million people in the United States have gone vegetarian, and one of those million have converted into vegans. Social media has given an outlet to vegans to post their lifestyle, influencing others to join. However, “data indicates that vegans consume less energy than omnivors… appear to be lower in protein, fat, vitamin B12… when compared to an omnivorous diet” (Rogerson 2). Because a vegan diet eliminates vital nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and oils found only in animal products, it may be more detrimental than beneficial.
One of the negative aspects of going vegan, is that
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Many restaurants have a limited amount of dishes that do not include meat or dairy. Especially since butter is used in most cuisines. “Not many restaurants offer true vegan choices, and this can make dining out difficult” (Bhide). Another struggle that vegans face, is shopping at the grocery store. Every single time a vegan finds a product, they have to look at the back, to read the labels. This can become a hassle. As a result, vegans tend to buy the same foods and products, which limits them to try new products. Grocery stores in larger cities carry a variety of vegan foods, but it costs them more than a person that were to buy regular produce. A danger to “vegan products” is that they mostly come with additives. Artificial sweeteners are added which enhance the flavors in foods which end up being very harmful to the body (“Top 10 Toxic Foods, Preservatives, and Additives”). Since the marketors of vegan products want to make their products look like the non-vegan produce, they add food coloring. The dye is found mainly in processed foods which are the foods that vegans mostly eat since they are revised to suit their diet needs. “Artificial food coloring is linked with hyperactivity, allergic reactions, and tumor growth” (“Why Food Coloring Is Bad and What to Use Instead”). Seattle Oragnic Restaurant stated that “the majority of the soybeans… are now genetically modified, and one or more of these can be found in nearly every processed food” such as vegan food. Soybeans is what vegans go for to get their proteins, but now they cannot be sure if it safe for them. Vegans searching for healthy options are definitely having

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