Veganist Research Paper

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Madison Spears
Veganist: A Real Thing Racist. Sexist. Supremacist. All these words have one thing in common; you hear them everyday. They are splattered across all media platforms, so they are always right in your face. There are some words, however, that never get their recognition as a real problem. Veganist is a real thing, and it is a problem that many people face everyday. It is never talked about it in the news. It is never on social media. The personal stories of the harm that veganists cause are never told to the public, because to the public those stories do not matter. These stories should matter, they need to matter, and that is why I am sharing mine. In February of 2016 I woke up to my first migraine. It was like nothing I had ever gone through before. Imagine someone blasting rock music while drilling into your skull and punching you in the stomach at the same time. That is how I felt for 24 long days. Eventually I was hospitalized for a week and was told I had a Chiari Malformation and Chronic Migraines. I missed around 70 days of my junior year in high school. I discovered that my biggest trigger was dairy. I had already been vegetarian for 2
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I was the only one. My own little vegan island. Even if there were other vegans out there they were too afraid to come forward and say it because the kids at our school were so mean. Lunch became a zoo, and I was the animal inside the glass. For some reason it became everyone else’s business what I ate for lunch, and they would find some way to make fun of it. Just when I thought I was going to drop out of my lunch and eat in the bathroom, I met a vegan teacher. Even though she was a teacher, students treated her the same way they treated me. They would come in everyday and ask if her or I wanted some beef jerky. They would bring chicken nuggets and pepperoni pizza into class just to make the room smell like

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