Argumentative Essay On Thank You Technology

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Thank you Technology

Getting ready to leave for the cold, rainy, Friday night football game, I get on social media to see who’s going to be at the game tonight. I check Twitter and see that many students are going. They tweet pictures in the stands and post status’s that read “GO WHS” or “Good luck WHS” along with students asking for rides. Texting my friends quickly, I let them know to be ready in five minutes and texting those who need a ride that I can pick them up. They quickly reply. While trying to figure out where the out of town game is, I use Google to find the name of the school’s football field. I then got onto GPS to find a route to take us there. I’ve realized how dependent I actually am on my cell phone today.
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I’m dependent on Google because most of my unanswered questions come from Google, whether it’s school related or personal use. Google is an app that is already installed on a smart phone. According to an article from the Business Insider “a recent survey by the company Survata actually showed that the 2,500 respondents were more concerned about Google having access to their personal data than the NSA, their bosses, their parents, or other significant others.” When searching anything into Google, users get quick, multiple results to choose from. Being able to access Google on a smart phone anywhere that a user is located is convenient in many ways such as having to look up the name of something or search a restaurant or store’s number. Google will also give the hours of operation for that business. Also, Google gives the user the advantage of staying updated on the latest …show more content…
This may be for legal evidence, or just for keeping memories. The use of pictures can help with legal cases, such as car accidents. If a users cell phone has access to a camera and a person gets into an accident, being able to take a picture of the wreck can provide the police evidence. This summer, I got into a car wreck with another car. One way that I could prove to the police that this accident wasn’t caused from me was a photograph. I didn’t realize how a picture could have benefited me that way. Also, having a camera on my phone allows me to take pictures of anything. I take full advantage of that, I take pictures of every vacation or just when friends and I hangout and have those memories in photographs for

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