Personal Narrative: Broken Car Home

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My husband was hunched over the computer again. "Are you looking at car stuff again?" My tone belied a growing lack of interest in browsing the Internet looking for more information about Honda Pilots, the new car we were considering buying. Although initially we had found some reviews and comparisons that were helpful, my husband was insistent that shopping online for prices was going to pay off at the dealers. I was skeptical - "There's no way they are going to come down that much," was my claim! He finally emerged with a couple of sheets he had printed from the Internet. Armed with his Internet pricing ammunition, we headed for the Honda dealer. Upon arrival we were greeted with the usual hopeful, although surprisingly pleasant and not-at-all …show more content…
Or go ahead and look, maybe you'll find something even better! However you go about it, take advantage of the wealth of information available to new car buyers and know the money facts before you talk to the dealer. You may find yourself saving enough money on the price to buy some of those expensive options!!
A broken car window is something every driver faces once in their life. If you are patient and have basic knowledge of tools, you can replace a car window thus saving money on window repair. Replacing a car window is not a difficult task, but simply one with many small steps. Many of these are listed in the vehicle repair guides you can find at the local auto parts store. Here are the steps on how to change a car window. Gather your supplies and tools. Put everything near the car so items are within easy reach of the project. Make sure there is no debris or other unneeded items around where you are working. Place the tarp on the outside of the window or the ground along the exterior of the door. This will help catch any debris which falls outside of the car.
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As for products that claim they'll give your car better fuel economy, The Environmental Protection Agency has tested more than 100 such devices. Only a few provided better fuel economy while some may damage the car engine or increase exhaust emissions. For more information and a full list of tested products proffering better fuel economy, check However, nearly all car and product testing was done prior to 2004, suggesting some products may no longer available while others have come to the market. Better fuel economy for your car from something off the shelf may be a gamble. There are brochures with better fuel economy advice and fact sheets from several sources such as the Federal Government, automobile and motor clubs, car insurance agencies, car clubs, tire companies, and gasoline companies. Most are legitimate things one can do to increase car mileage and get better car fuel economy. Our interest here is simply to being together and present a sampling of things to do for better fuel economy for the car you drive. Here are some recommendations: You'll spend 7% for every 5 mph over 65 mph your car travels., the Dept. of Energy notes. Gas mileage decreases rapidly when you drive your car

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