Argumentative Essay On Freedom Of Association

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Freedom of association is the right to adhere or bolt from a group on an individuals choosing, and for that particular group to take necessary action regarding collective action to seek the interests of its members. Freedom of association demonstrated the right to join a trade union, free speech, political parties, or any other form of association including religious groups and fraternities. The main goal for groups is to promote the overall interests of the group is a necessity in every democratic society. Strictly based off past court decisions, we can conclude that the right of association derived from the first amendment. The first amendment guarantees freedom of speech, assembly, and petition. Freedom of speech, while a very liberal amendment, it does have its limitations such as not being allowed to yell bomb …show more content…
The case Citizens United V. Federal Election Commission dealt with the control of campaign spending by organizations. The Supreme Court stated that the First Amendment stopped the government from decreasing independent political expenditures by a nonprofit organization. Therefore, the court upheld conditions for public disclosure by sponsors and advertisements. The case did not include a federal ban from corporations or unions to candidate campaigns or political parties, which endure illegal precedents in races for federal office. The court was right for discovering that campaign finance rules failed to avert corruption, commanding restrictions on campaign financing and lobbying any other reason advertising productive economic regulations. The prime reason why campaign and lobbying may affect economic growth is through an operation known as rent seeking. This process involves searching for income through rare government factors rather than through the process of regular government

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