The Importance Of Wiretap Statute

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Ever since the incident on September 11, 2001 we had an act that was passed in haste only 45 days after the attack.We had an act that was passed by George W Bush in a time of fear and unease . Even though we 're trying to protect American liberties from enemies, it is wrong to take away individual rights. One act before the patriot act was Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1968 Also called “Wiretap Statute” which restricted the government 's ability to listen to private conversation, both was controversial because it was signed in 1968 and we did not have the technology we had back then like laptops and cell phones which could be used in very bad ways to hurt or even worse kill people (Patriot)But it also could be a burden for the innocent people who have the government listen on to their private conversations which would take away their constitutional right to privacy.So too little of not listing and to much of listening in on peoples conversations is a bad thing, that 's why we should find a balance between the two so we don 't change the principles we have as a country . One reason why we should not have it is because big brother, used to refer to any rule or government that invades the privacy of its citizens.(Dictionary) Is wrong and we all don 't want the government to know what we 're doing twenty-four seven. The …show more content…
What type of information does the patriot act allow the National Security Agency (NSA) collect all kinds,one of them is records of phone calls like who made them or received them or even how long they lasted they got all this with a secret court order instructing all phone companies to turn over all information they have.They also have information from your emails from big companies like Google,Facebook,Yahoo and others that were given to FBI and even simple local police who don 't even have security clearance to handle information like that.The NSA also has massive amounts of internet traffic like where you been on the

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