Argumentative Essay On Fox Hunting

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Fox-hunting - A Barbaric Tradition That Should Remain Firmly In The Past
Fox-hunting - “The sport of hunting a fox across country with a pack of hounds by a group of people on foot and horseback, a traditional sport of the English landed gentry” (Oxford Dictionary)
Two polarised viewpoints co-exist in relation to fox-hunting, people either hate it, as they believe it is a horrendous form of animal cruelty, or they are supportive of it, believing that foxes aren’t like other domesticated animals and that their lives have no worth. From a young age of 12 I took an interest in the differences between foxes and dogs. I wondered why dogs receive domestication and the other doesn’t; why humans can brutally murder foxes and the other is commonly
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It is absurd to think that fox hunters, allowing their dogs to rip an innocent fox to pieces brings them entertainment; how can they not feel sorrow when witnessing the end of a living soul? What if the fox was a mother with young? This would mean her cubs would go without food and starve to death. Starvation is a pain that is indescribable and unbearable, and it tears me apart thinking that innocent creatures live on alone, defenceless in the woods to starve to death. League, the organisation against cruel sports, states “Fox hunters have been desensitised to the gore and immoral slaughter of these animals that are so similar to the ones we love and adore in our homes.” Society would not deem it acceptable to hunt down Miniature Dachshunds in the woods with horses and rifles and traps? Nor would they see it as humane to allow orphaned pups to slowly die of starvation. So why are foxes treated unfairly?

To conclude, a great deal of evidence against fox-hunting and why the ban should remain firmly in place still subsists. Fox-hunting is a barbaric ‘tradition’ from a culture that society no longer supports. My heart aches for the numerous foxes who suffer a premature death because people believe it is acceptable to hunt animals for sport. These creatures live and breathe as man does, so why can’t we all live in harmony?
By James

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