Persuasive Essay On Making Disabled Children

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Gracey Myers Mrs. Gallos English 3 Honors 21 November 2017

Making Disabled Children Feel Important Even though there is a good chance, disabled children should be separated from the non disabled children to keep everyone on the same track.Most feel as if disabled kids need all the help and love that non disabled kids need. Disabled kids do not have a fair shot in the school system because they are not given the extra time that they need,and most disabled children are not treated fairly by anyone around them just because they are different. The first problem/issue to discuss is isolating disabled children into a separate school room for most of their school experience. They are not truly getting to live out their days in school because they are being put away from the non disabled children because of “distractions” or potentially slowing the teaching process down. It is as if the children that need extra help are a burden to teachers that are not used to them. They are not truly
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I believe that interaction between disabled and non disabled is something that would help their learning and social skills. Many strongly disagree with excluding these disabled children from many activities that “normal” kids participate in.As this problem becomes more known, hopefully the unfair way disabled kids are treated can be stopped.

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