Argumentative Essay On Cars

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Do you think Americans should find a new way for transportation or use what we use today known as cars? We should think of new ways for transportation because our cars that we use today are not good because of the cost of them, what they do for the environment, and American’s exercise. The costs of cars are very expensive, and the cost of owning a car is already on average $8,876 per year. You also would have to pay for gas and if you travel, go to work, or just to go shopping its gas that you’re using and you eventually have to fill it back up again. You lose a lot of time when you’re driving too. You could be reading a book, on your mobile device, or doing what you want to do. In that case you can take a bus, a taxi, or even by train. That could save you money because you don’t have to use your money on expensive gas or waste your gas. …show more content…
They create pollution in the air with their largely petroleum-based fuel; cars keep letting out carbon monoxide into the air, and greenhouse gases which are harmful for the environment. The EPA reports that in 2012, 28% of emissions came from transportation. This is what only cars do and this is just terrible; these automobiles can do so much good for us Americans but can do such harm to the environment. Today a lot of people use their bikes or just walk to get more exercise which is good for us Americans since we have all of our high technology. People do like bikes or walk because of the high prices for parking, the prices of owning a car, and the prices are a horrific amount especially in the big cities. What people also offer to use is car-sharing and carpooling systems that use websites and mobile apps to get costumers with a car if they don’t have one. We must start thinking of new ways of transportation because of how mad the cars are for the environment, the high prices of owning a car, and American’s exercise and people not even using

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