Persuasive Essay On Meat

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The Debate on Meat

For many years, there has been an ongoing discussion on whether animal protein is an essential aspect of the human diet. In today's world, meat is seemingly served with every meal: for instance, bacon for breakfast, grilled chicken for lunch, and a hamburger for dinner. However, recent studies have proven that although many people are accustomed to consuming fellow beings of this earth, it is not needed to sustain a healthy life. Following an herbivorous diet provides multiple moral and health-related benefits, and people are already taking measures to reduce the use of animal products.

People have strong sentimental connections to animals; however, the bond is usually limited to pets, such as dogs and cats. Although
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A person who neglects puppies should be subjected to extreme punishment by law (Norcross 229-230). For some reason the torment of people's beloved four-legged friends is unacceptable, but people will still allow the same kind of torture to occur to cows, pigs, chickens, and other animals. In fact, "billions of animals continue to meet gruesome deaths in slaughterhouses, stockyards, and labs every year," and "[t]here is no evidence that the number of animals raised in industrial farms or killed in slaughter houses and laboratories is declining" (Fetissenko 151). The conditions these animals are born under are unbelievably heart-rending; for instance, "anemic calves imprisoned in narrow crates, sows chained to rape racks, debeaked chickens crammed, up to a dozen at a time, into small cages, and terrified cattle being haphazardly killed and eviscerated" are just some of the cruelties inflicted upon these animals (Sapontzis 121). If animal mistreatment towards canines and felines is frowned upon, the abuse and slaughter of farm animals should also be considered morally wrong. When most people go to the supermarket and purchase a slab of beef, they do not know half of the pain and misery that

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